One of the best live casino games today that is getting really famous day by day is Live Dragon Tiger. These game is said to be first played at Cambodia. It is a game which is similar to the classic casino game Baccarat. The betting option on this game is simple, you choose which hand will have the higher value of card, the Dragon or Tiger hand. Although the game is quite simple, the fact that this is a gambling game which the result cannot be predicted by any people just like the other games is cannot be ignored. Good thing that there is some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game which can help you play this game and have better chances to win. 

First thing you need to do to improve your chances on this game is to prepare your bankroll. Learn how to properly manage and also only bet the amount you are willing to lose to the game. After that you should learn how the different side bets of this game works. There are different types of side bets to this game that have varying payouts. Once you understood them you will have an idea on what kind of bet you are going to do. And lastly take advantage of the rewards and benefits offered by the biggest casino online in Malaysia with live dealer Dragon Tiger games.


Using the rewards or bonuses you get from the biggest online casino will give you an extra credit(s) that you can use to play the game. There is also cash rebates which you can get back a certain amount that you bet on this game. After reading the best tricks to win live dragon tiger, you will see the improvement in your gameplay in no time at the biggest casino online in Malaysia.